HVH Potting Soil


We are often asked what type of potting mix should be used for transplanting hibiscus. Since exotic hibiscus have special needs, we mix our own potting soil and offer it to our customers. We change our formula from time to time as we learn new information that will improve the quality of our mix. We believe it is the best potting mix available for hibiscus. It promotes disease free plants, rapid root growth, and, when combined with the HVH Special Blend Fertilizer, will encourage huge, colorful blooms.

newly potted budded Bedroom Eyes
Repotting promotes new top growth and root development for healthier plants.
Our potting mix creates an ideal balance of both water and air within pots, has an enhanced ability to hold and transfer nutrients to the plant roots, and contains many organic compounds to protect plant and root health and to maximize growth. It is also a "living mix" that contains the many beneficial microbes that plants need to thrive.

Hibiscus grown in HVH Potting Soil
with well-developed, healthy, white roots
Our mix is made from low salt coco coir imported from Sri Lanka, perlite, worm castings, Silica clay providing silicon and dozens of trace minerals not found in fertilizers and water retaining polymers to prevent excessively fast drying in hot weather. An organic component derived from blood meal, seabird guano, bat guano, fish meal, sea kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum), humic acid, and citric acid is also included.

Finally we mix in the finest organic humus we have ever come across. This humus is composted in Oregon from non-sellable produce collected from grocery stores and small wood chips for carbon. It is aged and scientifically monitored during production and is a OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed product. It smells like fine dirt without a hint of manure or other "off" smells. We use this high quality humus for many reasons, including the beneficial bacteria and fungi that it contains.

When water is added to this mix, it comes "alive" and helps to suppress disease organisms while fixing nitrogen and supplying nutrients to the plant roots.

As with any organic product, avoid breathing the dust from this mix while potting up and wash hands after working with the mix. Gloves are not required but are a good idea when handling any organic soil.

Why Coco Coir?

Rehydrated Coco Coir Fibers
Coco coir is made from the dried husks of coconuts. As a potting mix for hibiscus, coco coir has excellent qualities. The air-to-water ratio is somewhat greater than that of sphagnum peat moss, yet it absorbs and holds ample amounts of water. This higher amount of air is good for the roots of hibiscus and is helpful in disease prevention.

A major drawback to peat moss mixes is that when they dry out completely they are very difficult to rewet, becoming more water repellent than water absorbing. They also shrink inside the pot, pulling away from the side of the pot. Coco coir does neither - it is easy to rewet and does not shrink inside the pot. At HVH we use coco coir for all our potting mixes.

Repot And Fertilize At The Same Time

Tired of measuring out fertilizers? Worried about giving your newly potted plants too much, too little or the wrong kind of plant food? No more worries. Our excellent HVH Potting Mix is now available in a fully fertilized, easy to use formula! This is the same great coco coir based recipe as our regular potting mix, now with added 15-9-12 Time Release Fertilizer that includes all essential minor minerals. What could be simpler?

Order HVH Potting Mix

The 3.3-gallon bag holds enough potting mix to transplant 6 plants in 6" pots up to 8" pots. Or buy the 10-gallon bag and save 20%. Select the desired size below.

HVH Potting Mix
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HVH Potting Mix Plus with Fertilizer
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