Living Legend

Living Legend

Living Legend's Special "Glow"

Living Legend Glowing in the HVH Greenhouse

Huge Living Legend Triplets

Few plants do so many things so well as Living Legend. This cultivar always produces many, huge 8-10" perfect flowers of gorgeous form that glow like huge neon moons above the glossy leaves of a very attractive bush. The many completely flat blooms, that are almost always of show quality, stay open for several days. The large flat flowers make quite an impact when seen in person, and are remarkable in that they never reflex or hang downward. It's one of our most florific bloomers and it's not unusual to see each stem of a mature bush show 2-5 open blooms. 'Living Legend' is the offspring of two of the most successful exotics of all time - The Path and High Voltage. The mature bush can reach a height of 6-7 feet in the ground (pot-grown plants will be smaller), but judicious pruning will keep it shorter. Living Legend responds exceptionally well to pruning, and each trimming aids the formation of a full, nicely formed bush. Of every flower that blooms in the HVH greenhouse, Living Legend is probably the one that jumps out at visitors the most, like giant neon moons shining everywhere with huge glowing faces on tall bushes that stand above the others. Living Legend is very, very highly recommended.

Living Legend's Perfectly Flat Profile