Tropical Hibiscus 'Lilac Wine'
Hibiscus 'Lilac Wine' on First Day
Tropical Hibiscus 'Lilac Wine'
'Lilac Wine' on Second Day

'Lilac Wine'

Hibiscus 'Lilac Wine'
Another 'Lilac Wine' on Second Day

'Lilac Wine' is a new purple from the HVH hybridizing program. The 4-6" flower was not large enough for us to get excited about at first, and 'Lilac Wine' nearly ended up in the compost bin. But even as a little 4" baby plant it bloomed so prolifically and so insistently that it kept catching our eye, and what most caught our eye was the color. Purples and blues in hibiscus tend to veer toward either gray or pink. True and varied shades of blues and purples are unusual. The flowers of 'Lilac Wine' kept blooming and blooming, changing colors, but every color was some beautiful shade of lilac. We were so intrigued that Cindy took the seedling plant home to watch, and in her living room, in the course of 2-3 days, each flower went through several transformations of different shades of lilac. This is not a large spectacular flower, but if purple is a color you love, then 'Lilac Wine' may capture your heart too. The bush is pretty, upright, easy to grow, and a good bloomer. Released from HVH in 2010. Hybridizer: C. Black