Tropical Hibiscus 'Krakatoa'
Exotic Hibiscus 'Krakatoa' Outside in Summer Heat
Tropical Hibiscus 'Krakatoa'
'Krakatoa' Outside in Cool Weather
Exotic Hibiscus


Giant hibiscus 'Krakatoa' explodes with huge ruffly 8-10" single fiery orange flowers with a hot golden yellow edge, a dark red eye, and hints of yellow and white rays shooting through it all. It makes a spectacular houseplant, constantly blooming with its large ruffly flowers. Outside in summer heat the edge is bright yellow, and in winter cool the edge us a tangerine orange. In the house, the edge is a softer apricot orange color. 'Krakatoa' is the child of tried and true mother 'Saffron' and giant father 'James Bond.' The bush is upright and medium sized. Released from HVH in 2016. Hybridizer: C. Black

Tropical Hibiscus 'Krakatoa'
'Krakatoa' Blooming as a Houseplant in a 4" Pot in December
Along with 'Floral Bliss,' Christmas Poinsettias, and 'Rags to Riches'