High Voltage

High Voltage - A Collector's Standard

High Voltage in Winter with its Pink Blush

A High Voltage Bud Opening in the Early Morning

High Voltage is one of the very best hibiscus hybrids and one of the most popular cultivars among dedicated hibiscus collectors - with good reason! The strong upright bush produces a steady supply of large, striking white blooms set off by an impressive red eye that "bleeds" out into the white body of the bloom. The strong, robust, upright bush blooms with a profusion of flowers all summer long and well into fall. High Voltage produces 7-9" blooms of satiny white, with a prominent red eye and a subtle blush of pink that extends out from the eye. A judges' favorite at hibiscus shows for years, it continues to win against the stiffest of competition. High Voltage is very popular in hot climates, because it continues to bloom through the heat of the summer. But it also performs well in regions with cooler summers. Good for pots or landscape where appropriate. The bush is one of the strongest among fancy modern hibiscus cultivars, and can reach 8' or higher if given the right conditions. We very highly recommend High Voltage!

High Voltage's Stunning Profusion of Flowers

High Voltage at Dusk

High Voltage - One of our Top Bloomers