'Greenie Meanie'

Tropical Hibiscus 'Greenie Meanie'
Greenish Hibiscus 'Greenie Meanie'

Exotic Hibiscus 'Greenie Meanie'
Fascinating Foliage of 'Greenie Meanie'

'Greenie Meanie,' as its name suggests, blooms with a greenish 6-8" flower. The color is reminiscent of a lot of things that we should probably not mention publicly, but suffice it to say that everyone at HVH has had plenty of laughs over this flower. For sheer novelty, it's hard to beat this one! The bush is lush, beautiful, and another of our Fascinating Foliage hybrids. The parents of 'Greenie Meanie' are 'Crème de Cacao' and 'Midnight Blue.' Released from HVH in 2011. Hybridizer: C. Black