Exotic Hibiscus


'Fifi' is a very unusual hibiscus because of the way each petal is consistently split vertically with two colors, something we have almost never seen in a hibiscus flower before. The 6-8" flowers have two-toned petals in either soft pink and white, or in vivid pink and soft pink, set off by a dark red eye and white rays. 'Fifi' is the child of classic hibiscus 'Born to be Wild' and the tried and true hibiscus 'Pinot Noir.' The bush is upright, medium-sized, and has softly rounded leaves. Released from HVH in 2014. Hybridizer: C. Black

Exotic Hibiscus 'Fifi'
Exotic Hibiscus 'Fifi' with Two-Toned Petals
Tropical Hibiscus 'Fifi'
'Fifi' is a Good Bloomer!