El Capitolio

El Capitolio ~ All Three Colors

Red and Orange El Capitolios

El Capitolio's Three Colors

Originally discovered in Cuba, El Capitolio's parentage is unknown. However, it resembles Hibiscus schizopetalus enough to suggest that it is the offspring of h. schizopetalus. El Capitolio in its red form is the original red "poodle flower." At HVH we also grow its two sports, one that blooms with a yellow flower and the other with a soft orange flower. The flower size is 3-4" for these delicate beauties. The El Capitolio varieties, like all the hibiscus ancestor plants, are vigorous, strong, fast-growing, large plants that flower all the time in good conditions. Outside they can reach 8' in a large pot, although they can be trimmed to the size desired if they start to get too big. Like the other ancestors of the modern hibiscus, El Capitolio is well suited for sunny and hot growing conditions.

El Capitolio's as a Small Houseplant