Tropical Hibiscus 'Catharsis'

Exotic Hibiscus


Tropical Hibiscus 'Catharsis'

Exotic hibiscus 'Catharsis,' is a multi-hued beauty with large 7-9" single flowers in concentric rings of yellow, orange, dark chocolate brown and cherry red surrounding a burgundy eye. The ruffles and tufts give 'Catharsis' a very fancy look, and the hints of white rays make it sparkle. 'Catharsis' can vary from more orange tones, like the flower at the right, to more red tones like the flower at the left. Both color sets are so gorgeous that we can't decide which we prefer.

The parents of 'Catharsis' are two of our very best tried and true hibiscus, 'Simple Pleasures' and 'Carmel Dawn.' Both parents have superb, full, lush, easy-to-grow bushes, and 'Catharsis' has inherited this kind of wonderful bush too. We are very excited about this new seedling! Released from HVH in 2017. Hybridizer: C. Black