Exotic Hibiscus 'Wintry Morning'
Hibiscus 'Wintry Morning'

Exotic Hibiscus

'Wintry Morning'

Chilly and still, with the texture of freshy fallen snow, exotic hibiscus 'Wintry Morning' blooms with petite 5-7" soft blue single flowers that look like a falling snowflake with their bright white eyes, flecks of white snow on the blue, and icy pink halos shooting rays around the flower. 'Wintry Morning' is one of our Fascinating Foliage hybrids. It is the child of soft lavender mother 'Tahitian Lavender Mist' and brown father 'Coy Beauty.' The bush is medium-sized and upright. Released from HVH in 2018. Hybridizer: C. Black