Hibiscus 'Solar Soul'
Giant Hibiscus 'Solar Soul' Twins
Exotic Hibiscus 'Solar Soul'
Giant Hibiscus 'Solar Soul'

'Solar Soul'

The giant sunny flowers of 'Solar Soul' are 8-10" across, in golden yellow with a big white eye. The flowers have heavy texture that makes them more durable than typical hibiscus, and as if all of this weren't special enough, Solar Soul is an excellent bloomer, sporting twins frequently even on younger plants! All the way around, this superb new hibiscus gets all the good qualities of both its excellent parents, 'Saffron' and 'Cosmic Gold,' with the plus of its larger size. The bush is well-branched, upright, and pretty. We have high hopes for this new cultivar! Released from HVH in 2011. Hybridizer: C. Black