Sleeping Beauty

'Sleeping Beauty' in Summer Heat

'Sleeping Beauty' Opening in Cool Weather

'Sleeping Beauty' in Cooler Weather

'Sleeping Beauty's' flower has so many looks, it's hard to describe them all. In summer heat, it blooms in blue with a pink or maroon eye and a ruffly yellow or orange edge. In cool spring and fall weather, it shows five distinct bands of color around the deep maroon eye: pink, blue, lavender, orange, and yellow. Flowers open with bright pastels that soften to baby-soft hues by the end of the day. 'Sleeping Beauty's' parents are 'Living Legend' and 'Love Story,' two of HVH's "tried and true" hibiscus. 'Sleeping Beauty's' bush is as strong, vigorous, easy to grow, and reliable as its parents. The bush is medium-sized, with the upright, naturally-branching growth pattern of 'Living Legend' and the lush, dark green, beautiful foliage of 'Love Story.' 'Sleeping Beauty' does best in shadier locations, and needs only 1-2 hours of direct sunlight each day. It grows and blooms beautifully as a houseplant, even in the 4" pot size. Released from HVH in 2008.