Seaweed Extract

Organic Source of Potassium for Hibiscus


Seaweed Extract
For those who prefer organic products, our new Technaflora Soluble Seaweed Extract is the best organic source of potassium that we have found. It is a concentrated powder made from pure, organic Norwegian kelp harvested on the Atlantic coast of Canada.

Hibiscus plants have a voracious need for potassium. Without adequate potassium, flowers will grow paler and smaller, gradually diminishing in every way. If the potassium deficiency goes on long enough, flowering will eventually stop all together. Until now, we had not found an organic product that contained enough potassium to meet the needs of our hibiscus, and we could not wholeheartedly endorse the use of organic products for the nutritional needs of hibiscus. So we are very pleased to offer this new Seaweed Extract. It is not a fertlizer, and it is not a nutritionally complete product. It is the organic equivalent of our Hibiscus Booster, used to provide supplemental potassium to increase bloom numbers, size, and coloration. For this purpose, it is an excellent product - a very safe and gentle way to give your hibiscus plants the extra potassium they need. In addition to potasssium, kelp is a rich natural source of over 60 chelated trace nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, and hormones that stimulate plant growth.

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