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Tropical Hibiscus 'Miss Congeniality'
Hibiscus 'Miss Congeniality' ~ Such a Good Bloomer!

'Miss Congeniality'

Hibiscus 'Miss Congeniality'
Tropical Hibiscus 'Miss Congeniality'

Our brand new seedling is behaving very nicely, thank you. 'Miss Congeniality' grows into a lovely bush that features 6-8" perfectly formed flowers. When we first saw 'Miss Congeniality' bloom, we thought it was a pretty flower, but maybe not so very special. Then it started blooming more, and more, and more, with multiple blooms at once. The flowers got bigger, and the form was always beautiful. It may not be the queen of the beauty pageant, but 'Miss Congeniality' has certainly charmed all of us at HVH. 'Miss Congeniality' is an orphan seedling whose parents are unknown. The bush is full and upright, with strong, sturdy branches. We're not sure how big it will get yet, but it looks like it will be a medium-sized bush, growing to a maximum height of about 5 feet. Released from HVH in 2010.

Exotic Hibiscus 'Miss Congeniality'
Exotic Hibiscus 'Miss Congeniality' Twins