Magic Moments

'Magic Moments' in its Brown Colors

A Lighter 'Magic Moments'

'Magic Moments' in its Opening Oranges

'Magic Moments' shows off one of the largest double flowers we have ever seen. Its 8-10" well-formed blooms open in a dark orange color that changes to golden brown tones as the flower is exposed to sunlight and heat. The bush is very strong, upright, and able to hold up these giant flowers without a problem. 'Magic Moments' is highly recommended for those who want to add an impressive double-flowered hibiscus to their collection. One warning: like many big doubles 'Magic Moments' can drop its flower buds in locations where temperatures soar over 90°F (32°C) daily. In very hot areas, it blooms best in spring and fall, or in a spot that is mostly shady with only a little direct sun.