Hibiscus Fertilizer

HVH Special-Blend Fertilizer


Charles Black has mixed his own hibiscus fertilizer for years, searching for the best performing formula. Our HVH Special-Blend Fertilizer is the fruit of that experience, available to all gardeners in convenient amounts. It is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility by fertilizer specialists, and contains high quality ingredients in an ideal blend for hibiscus and other flowering tropical shrubs, such as bougainvillea. You can grow your hibiscus with confidence when you use this fertilizer, knowing that the nutrition of your plants is in good hands.

Our HVH Special-Blend Fertilizer is a water-soluble blend which can be mixed with water and applied by hand, or it is suitable for use with fertilizer proportioners, injectors, and drip systems. It won't clog emitters, as it dissolves easily and quickly. There is a non-staining blue dye added for safety, so you can see the fertilizer, and you don't have to wonder whether that watering can or pitcher contains pure water or fertilizer water.


What is in the HVH Special-Blend Fertilizer?

  • Ample nitrogen for sustained, vigorous growth
  • Perfect balance of types of nitrogen to stimulate growth
  • Low but adequate amount of phosphorus to stimulate root development while preventing phosphorus build-up problems
  • High level of potassium for stronger branches, increased blooming, larger and more intensely colored flowers
  • All minor minerals in ideal proportions and in chelated form for better absorption
  • Ample iron to prevent iron deficiency chlorosis
  • Magnesium for better photosynthesis and cholorphyll production (greener leaves)
  • Non-staining blue dye for safety


Directions for Use

Mix fertilizer at the following rates into lukewarm water. Stir to thoroughly dissolve. Water plants well.
  • 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of water for use with every watering
  • 1 teaspoon per gallon of water for once-a-week use
  • 2 teaspoons per gallon of water for use 1-2 times per month


What Customers Say About The HVH Special-Blend Fertilizer

"I already use your excellent fertilizer and am constantly being asked how I get my plants so big so quick, and I tell them exactly where they can get the fertilizer!" Allison G.

"Your fertilizer is awesome. All my specimens have benefitted with tremendous root system growth, large deep green leaves and have set double the bloom buds, that are about to explode with color in the cooler temperatures August through October." Vern H.

"Just wanted to let you know that I tried your [fertilizer] on my hibiscus and had great results. I just received my second order. This fertilizer worked wonders on my hibiscus shrubs." Lynn N.

"I have purchased your custom fertilizer in the past that I mix 1 tsp with 1 gal water. This is without question the most amazing fertilizer for Hibiscus I have ever seen. Living in Chicago, I plant my hibiscus in containers on the balcony. . . The hibiscus is a prolific bloomer with your fertilizer." Laura D.

"I received your fertilizers (special blend and hibiscus booster) a couple of weeks back after using super bloom for several months. Most of my plants looked ok at the time of the order but my preference is to supply the correct nutrients. A side benefit I was not expecting is my blooms now stay open for two days. In the past I only got the one day out of my hibiscus blooms. This in and of it self doubled the amount of blooms I was getting per day. I am very impressed with your product and will be reordering." Grant B.

"The fertilizer is a marvelous NPK balanced conconction that my hybiscus plants simply love and thrive with. Thank you Cindy and please thank your husband as well for all the long days and weeks of experimentation, failure and ultimate success that led to just the right NPK combination - as well as the vital trace minerals that make my plants bloom with such vibrance!!!" Anthony T.

"I bought your fertilizer a few years ago and it truly is the best! My mom could not believe how much more blooms I had than her hibiscus. ;)" Kelli C.

HVH Special-Blend Fertilizer Product Label