Tropical Hibiscus 'Expect Miracles'
Exotic Hibiscus 'Expect Miracles' is a Super Bloomer!

Exotic Hibiscus

'Expect Miracles'

Like a bright, shining beacon, exotic hibiscus 'Expect Miracles' blooms prolifically with large intense red and orange 7-9" single flowers with a ruffly golden edge. This hibiscus flower has beautiful form with heavy, durable petals and consistent colors. It is an orphan, of unknown parentage, but whatever the parentage, the results are gorgeous! The bush is upright, medium-sized, and the flowers present beautifully on the sides of the bush where they are easy to see across even long distances. Released from HVH in 2012. Hybridizer: C. Black

Exotic Hibiscus 'Expect Miracles'
A Darker 'Expect Miracles' Flower
Tropical Hibiscus 'Expect Miracles'
A Lighter 'Expect Miracles' Flower